London Hardcore = Baptized in Management

May 31, 2009


Some promo... this picture is actually cool. makes me laugh. click it if you want to see their myspace.

Promo Shot... click it if you want to see their myspace.

Before I start talking about any music I’d like to tell you all a story about how I came to the decision to review the new Baptized In Blood record. It started a couple of days ago when I was talking to a fellow Yage member who brought up the “Fm96 out of the box poll.” This is basically a little thing the main radio station in London does where they put two bands that have recently released records and put them to a head to head vote on their website. I was shocked  to learn that three days in a row Baptized in Blood had won. If they were up against other london hardcore bands it wouldn’t be shocking, but they beat out Metallica, Nickelback, and Bobnoxious. You have to understand (if you are unfamiliar with this radio station) they are all about the strait up alternative and 90’s style stuff. The listening audience is primarily working class londoners and post-secondary students who think Nickelback is the best Canada has to offer. Even more shocking is the margin of victory between the bands. Baptized won each time with over %90 of the vote. So yesterday when I logged into facebook (which admittedly I do much more than is healthy) Brandon Eedy’s facebook status was at the top of the “news feed.” Brandon Eedy (for those who don’t know) has a little thing in London called “Summer Camp Productions” which has a firm hold on the london music scene (what’s left of it). Baptized in Blood is under his management and admittedly is one of the most popular bands these days in the London and area hardcore scene.  So after reading Eedy’s status which reads “Everyone go vote for Baptized in Blood.” I became curious and went to check out the numbers. So I go to the site and vote for “The Dead Weather” who I’ve never heard before and see the results at %99 for Baptized in Blood to %1 for The Dead Weather. Being the cynic I am I immediately assume that either Eedy (or someone in Baptized) has set his quick keys to vote continuously for his band  or someone is sitting with a couple of windows open voting over and over for their self-interest. So Naturally I open four new windows in safari and start voting as fast as I can and as many times as I can for The Dead Weather. Within five minutes I have The Dead Weather in front by %10-%15. Satisfied that I had proven someone in the Baptized camp to be a bit of a tool and FM96’s pole to be pointless in general due to the ability to vote infinitely, I left my computer and went about my other business.  A few minutes later I come back to my computer and, after a bit of inter-webbing (fans of the show 30 rock may get that reference), I went to check the stats of the pole. Wouldn’t you know it, much to my chagrin, Baptized was back up to %92 of the vote! Not wanting to waste anymore time I didn’t vote anymore, but the whole scenario left me a little depressed for a couple of reasons. Having lived in London for four years and seeing the whole music scene basically die before my eyes because of a couple promoters, it depressed me to see the trend continuing. It also depresses me that people are using tools like this FM96 thing, which obviously has no merit if you can swing the entire vote with five minutes of voting, to gain some sort of credibility or standing for their band.  So, having only heard the two songs from their myspace I decided then and there to download their album (god bless torrents) so I could see what, if any, the fuss was about. 

Before I jump right into the record I want to define hardcore a bit. Now this definition is just what I hear from the scene recently because hardcore used to have a much different meaning and “hardcore” bands used to have a much different sound. So basically (despite what hardcore bands themselves will tell you) it is a dumbed down version of speed or grind metal with a definite punk tone to the percussion. That’s a simplified version, but if you really want to know what it sounds like just click one of their pictures to see their myspace and for more samples just click anyone of their “top friends.” At said myspace, Baptized describes themselves as “2 parts Eddie Van Halen, 2 parts gutterthrash, 3 parts southern comfort, and 4 parts hyperspeed, Blend and serve chilled.” Not only is that statement completely ridiculous, I could not disagree with it more. They do try incredibly hard on the record to sound like Eddie Valen with the taps over somewhat fast guitar. But to compare yourself to someone like that especially when you’re no where close is a bit over the top. Who knows what the hell gutterthrash even is. But I think it implies something that is even more dirty than thrash and I don’t even want to start a list of bands that are dirtier and a hell of a lot more “thrash” than them. 3 parts southern comfort? no comment. Oh, and four parts “hyperspeed” is a hilarious statement seeing as they don’t have even one blast beat on the entire record. 

The album is called “Gutterbound” and as you’ve heard already the band is called “Baptized In Blood.” These names piss me off because they are the reason metal gets an ugly stereotype from uneducated people. It just grinds my gears to see this horrible metal stereotype being perpetuated by bands that feel they have a need to be as metal as they possibly can be.  This problem is all over this scene. “Textbook Tragedy,” “Knife Party,” “Burn Us Both,” “Misery Signals,” “Dead and Divine,” just to name a few. 






Okay so I’m going to go into the music now, but I’m not going to go into each individual song like I would normally because it’s just a waste of characters in my WordPress text-box. The album as expected comes out guns-a-blazing with the snare on every quarter note followed by the half-time groove. If you plan on listening to this record get used to this trend which leads to my biggest beef of the record… the percussion. So to not waste time later I’m going to get a bunch of stuff concerning the drums of my chest now. It’s like the drums were pre-programmed in a plug-in where you just set 3 loops over and over and then set how often you want it to fill. The quick punk drums that have been rammed down our throat since god knows when are getting so old. Quick 8th note on the high-hat or crash with the snare every quarter, into the half time crash and snare groove. It used to be I could say “Ya but at least he’s double kicking with the guitar picking!” But now that is just the norm so how can I possibly take anything away from that. But the biggest, most hilarious aspect of the drums on the record is his fills. Granted his fills are quick, but if your going to listen to this band at all do me a favour and count every four bars. Bet all your money that he’s going to fill at the end of that fourth bar with a big two handed crash on the down beat of the next one. It’s boring. 

I also complain a lot about breakdowns. So I will save you a rant and make like Dr. Evil and say “pretty standard really”. But at least they show a little bit of skill with the tapping and such overtop. The tapping annoys me on this record though. It’s like they were trying to prove as hard as they could to show they are influenced by Van Halen. Let be said that I have no issue showing your influences, but there is a difference between that and stealing riffs. I have even bigger beef when they are stolen half-assed. Speaking of stealing “Down and Out”  (original title eh?) is a prime example of a compilation of stolen parts packaged for your generic music purchasing needs. The main breakdown hook: “Down… Down and Out!” is just pure stolen southern metal reminding me of bands like “Throwdown” or other quintessentially generic bands. The middle part is so euro-metal that it hurts. Alexi Laiho style to the bone. All they need is the synth harmonizing with the guitars and they might have been taken to court by Children Of Bodom’s lawyers. The album has a few sections like this which are mostly the better parts.

Baptized in Blood leans on the “guitarmony” in almost every song in every breakdown and bridge. Which when all said and done is a cool and very flashy tool to use. There are unique and musical ways of using this tool and Baptized has a couple sections where they pull it off well. But in most songs especially “Next Stop Hollywood,” it just seems like masturbation. It’s fun to do, but it does nothing for anyone else! In the middle of the album they have a couple of songs with some decent attributes. “Blue Oyster” is the best song on the album and the only song that stands on its own, with some cool grooves and some sections that make you think the album might not be a total loss. “RATTtails and Rainbows”  is worth mentioning because it’s really the only song with a bit of a different intro, but then of course four bars later and another drum fill they proceed to a pretty standard hook: “Are you feeling alright! Are you feeling alright!” Almost the exact same hook as “Down…Down and out!”

The album doesn’t change for the last three songs and curiously the last song is called “Only Time Will Tell”. All you have to do is scroll down to my review below to see where they could have taken that from. Farewell to Freeway is in the same genre and only an hour down the road. I think someone should have caught that. The song itself has the most generic breakdown on the record at about 3 minutes in. If you are familiar with a lot of metal and have listened to a lot of it, listen to this song and the breakdown at the end and try not to laugh. I laughed at loud to myself as soon as I heard it. They then go into a riff at the end which is almost as generic. They play it for almost 2 minutes and then fade out with it. Not a good choice.

I’d like to talk about individual members as well. The lead vocal is pretty dirty. He sounds heavy and obviously fits the genre and the overall vibe. But my issue with him is that the growl is all he does. No singing, no screaming, no yelling, no piercing black metal vocal, and no attempt at any of the above. But he does have the big vocal for the breakdown and makes it sound nice and thick. But just like my beef with the double-kick thing earlier, it’s just expected now. It’s been done so many times that, if you want to be in a genre where people expect you to be heavy, you have to have that vocal. Just like the lame, soft vocal dripping with presence in female contemporary or auto-tune vocals in newer pop/r&b music. It’s just like the genre standard and after a while doesn’t it all just become pop? The guitar players are what holds it all together in the band. They are flashy and play some crazy fast riffs. They obviously have skills! No doubt about it. Personally I’m a fan of the big pinch harmonic and these dudes have some massive pinches on the album. I’m not sure what they use but it sounds like an Ibanez S series or something with the whammy bar used to full affect. I’m not even going to talk about the bass. Why talk about something that doesn’t exist at any point on the record?

The production, as expected, is pretty solid. The guitars sound big. The vocals are dirty and the guitar lead is in your face. But did the engineer not record the bass and then they decided to put out the album without it or something? There are a couple of cool production idea’s, including one at the end of “Next Stop Hollywood”. The drums could have been bigger for my liking though. They seem to be mixed really thin and confined. Especially the snare in the parts (although very few and far between) that are clear of high gain guitar and are bit more mellow, the snare is just naked and awkward. But other than that I have no real problem with the mix and the engineers clearly knew what they were doing. 

Overall we’re talking about an unsigned band’s first full length release. So putting it in that perspective it’s decent and they show great potential as guitar players. But that being said they are in a slippery slope being in the scene and genre they are in. You know that with the thousands of bands that are trying to do something in this genre and with most of them doing basically the exact same thing, the scene won’t last. So props to them for being one of the main bands in London right now despite all other contenders.

It’s the way this type of music is being made and marketed that makes it unattractive to me and non-unique in general. The songs seem pieced together. Like they aren’t complete unless they have a big breakdown and a fast hardcore section, in a certain order, and presented in a certain way visually. Like paint by numbers. Songs should be grown! You should be able to see a song grow like a plant coming out of the dirt in stop-motion. But this genre, including most of this record, is like seeing someone quickly assemble a Lego spaceship set with a bunch of random pieces.

Anyway, I’m done talking about this record and done talking about hardcore forever. I’m not going talk about metal for a while either. I can’t stand to see so many bands and people taking the genre for granted. 

Until next time.. DEATH TO KITSCH!

Hill of Yage


This week I’ve been listening to: Lot’s of Bob Dylan. Starting to get into some early 70’s stuff a bit more.  As I write this though, I am listening to Barry White. There is no medicine like Barry White.

This week I’ve been watching: The Jays finish their road trip 0-9! 2 in a row back at home though.

This week I’ve been reading: Haven’t started Dune yet… but have been reading the religiously and almost pee my pants every time.


29 Responses to “London Hardcore = Baptized in Management”

  1. Paul Says:

    whats really pathetic and funny here is how long you probably took writting this review. i think you actually love this band… but one or two or three of these guys fucked your girlfriend.

    just my 2 cents.


  2. indiescene Says:

    Hey thanks for the comment Paul! I don’t actually know the guys in the band. From what I’ve heard they are pretty decent dudes. The drummer in my band is or was friends with the drummer from Baptized and says he’s an awesome dude. I assure you it’s no personal vendetta against the band. I do have a little bit of hatred for the what Brandon Eedy has done to the London music scene and he is their manager. But honestly I legitimately hate this cookie cutter hardcore band thing. Every song is interchangeable with the next in terms of structure and song-writing and I am way too much of a snob to be down that shit.

    thanks again for reading

  3. Paul Says:

    ok, my apologies for the harsh words then. I personally do not like this band whatsoever, but when I see someone take this much time and put this much effort into letting the world how much they hate it… its kinda sad. if you don’t like them or that style, why review it at all in the first place? I read your reason why… i think you may have too much time on your hands… or you really think you have a valid reason.. keep in mind they’re a hard working band doing what they love and not making a ton of money doing it.. come on dude.

    you’re in a band? can you post a link up so we can all hear the production you guys have? not being a dick… i just want to hear what “good” production sounds like to you… seeing as this record sounds ridiculously amazing to everyone else but you. If you don’t have one, I’ll just chalk this review up to you having a bad day that day.

    but I do agree with you that Eedy has turned this “Scene” into a hair flipping contest.

  4. indiescene Says:

    Hello again Paul…

    Don’t apologize man. If you have issue with something I’m saying the internet is the perfect place for harsh words. If you’re looking for a reason as to why I wrote this… that’s pretty valid I guess. I have a few. You are right, one is that I have too much time on my hands. I love writing and I love art. I spend my free time writing music, writing in this blog, replying to comments on our myspace, and I’m also writing a couple of different screen plays at the moment. I am intensely passionate about music and the local scene and used to found myself talking to friends (and my poor girlfriend) far too often about whatever album I had recently bought or downloaded either bitching about it or constantly talking it up because of how good it was. Music and the genre of metal (and things that don’t quite fall into that category) is something I have really dug into over the last 10 or so years especially when I was studying music at Fanshawe for the three years I was there. So whether it’s justified by people like you or not, I felt like I had a decent, somewhat unbiased opinion about a scene I am involved in, and wanted a good way to get it across. Blogging seemed to be the best way. Writing about music is something I have been strongly thinking about as a career path if our hard work in the music industry doesn’t work out because of how much I love writing and because of how many people say the like my writing. I know these guys are working hard and love what they play, and I have no disrespect for that. I am just reviewing the music and nohing else. I don’t run a personality contest or a “hair flipping contest” (that’s awesome by the way and I totally agree) I just talk about the music. I also feel like trying to write something like this is good creative output for me. I think everyone should do something creative and worthwhile with their time. The two hours or so it takes me to write a review is better for my sanity, writing skill, vocabulary, intelligence, and is time better spent than playing xbox.

    I feel like I’m one of few people that know difference between personal preference and artistic quality. And it’s not even a matter of being smart or not knowing music. It’s more of a personal choice. I will be the first to admit that I may like a certain band or artist even though they don’t have a whole lot of artistic value. I will also have no issue telling anyone that I’m really not a big fan of a band even though they have a lot to contribute to the scene or are just different and trying to do something artistic. Just read the last review of Big Business. That’s a good example. So I assure you, if say something isn’t good it is coming from the knowledge that I think i have about the craft of music and song-writing. I strongly urge you to check out stuff on myspace,the link is on my blogroll under “theyageletters”.

    If you look at the article I don’t really have any issues with the production other than the fact the drums have no music quality whatsoever, which I realize is a fault with the genre in general these days. But you can get around it with the grind type stuff though. The perfect example is the “Alaska” record by “Between the Buried and Me”. If you are comparing production only though, you’ll find that technically Baptized will sound bigger, heavier and probably technically a little better over all, than us. Baptized was put into a high quality studio with pro-tools HD much like we are in a couple of weeks. We did our album ourselves. Myself and our drummer Mike Marucci ( who, along withe everyone else in our band completed music industry arts program at fanshawe, recorded it at a studio owned by my brother. Which is a great space but lacks gear. That being said I’m very proud of what we were able to do with not much gear and not much time. We had to have it out for a tour and a release party date and we needed to get it done. Either way I always want people to listen to and talk about our music. We’ve had good reviews and we’ve had bad, that’s just the way it goes. But I feel we have tried to do something a little bit different and artistic. The stuff on there is also a bit old. We are releasing a 4 song 40 minute EP in September. There is a video of a live version up on the site so feel free to check that out as well.

    Thanks again for your comments. I love talking music and stuff so never feel bad about writing something on the site, you are entitled to your opinion and I can take most insults… as long as you leave my girlfriend out of it. I find from a third party viewing comments and stuff insults make me look smart!


    hill of yage

  5. paul Says:

    they totally banged your girlfriend.

  6. indiescene Says:

    wow thanks for the intelligent reply… I thought we could have a discussion about the scene and art in general. Apparently I was mistaken

  7. Eedy Says:

    Wait wait wait.. What I did to the London music scene? Giving touring bands and indie bands alike, a outlet to showcase their music to their fans? I’m pretty sure
    I gave you guys shows and we never had issues before? Now you have this new found hatred? Well good for you.. Hate me all you like or doing something.

    I am sorry that I brought the bands that people wanted to see and hear to London. I’m sorry that I brought bands that I like at the time to london. No wait.. I’m not. I’ve worked my ass off for this city, and lost thousands o dollars let alone hours of sleep trying to something for this place. Not to mention for every one person who hates r has something bad to say about me and what I’ve done, there are 5 people who say otherwise..

    So the fact you have a hatred towards me for not pushing your band and creating a ‘hair flipping contest’ is outrageous. Take the time to look at what you have done as opposed to criticizing the people axtualy doing something.

    I won’t even touch this long winded review an all the lead up paragraphs before it. Thanks for downloading the record, and well see you in hollywood

  8. indiescene Says:

    You got me wrong dude… I have no hatred for you personally. The only contact I have ever had with you is playing maybe 3 or 4 shows for you. None of which you even came to or paid us for. But hey that was Salt Lounge I guess. But that’s neither here nor there.

    Say whatever you want about the London music scene (or lack there of) or what you’ve done to it. No matter how much time you’ve put into it, or how much work or effort you’ve exerted in helping to bring the hair flipping contest to london (and yes it is absolutely a hair flipping contest) just look at the scene in London now as opposed to 4 or 5 years ago even. There are only a couple of passable venues left and a couple of promoters. Not to mention that very little music coming from London these days (that you hear about) has any artistic value of any kind. I’m not saying this is all your doing. I wouldn’t dare say you have that much power, but being one of those couple promoters I talked about, you have some sway as to what happens whether I like it or not.

    And please don’t get into the “what have you done” thing. You can’t possibly compare what you’ve done and what I’ve done. For starters you are a few years older than me and we are in such different scenes man. We are trying to grow our fan base around more than kids with teenage angst. We’re trying to hit niche markets and scenes with intelligent artistic people. We’re touring with bad ass bands from the states and we’re recording at Mike Turners studio next week. I’m not saying we’re huge by any means. But we’re doing shit so far away from you and promoters like you. Staying off bills with more than 3 bands and shit. Not that I need to explain myself.

    Don’t thank me for downloading the record. I absolutely did not pay for it. You won’t see me in Hollywood cause thats the last place I want to be and if you can’t even be bothered to read the review why even comment about it. Nice facebook status by the way… glad yo see I got to you.

    All the best

    Hill of Yage

  9. indiescene Says:

    also… does no one run spell check anymore? I’m pretty sure when the word is underlined in red it means it’s not a word. Grammar is also important… come on people.

  10. Eedy Says:

    Actually you didnt get to me, i think its hilarious and worthy of people seeing. Once again.. you just simply dont get it. So many things I could say, and explain but its simply not woth my time. Two last things to say.. promoters are not in the business of losing money. AND I reach across far more then just London. Watch the bridges you burn, and best of luck

  11. indiescene Says:

    Eedy: We burned your bridge a long time ago… on our own accord. Like I said, we made a conscious decision to avoid the type of promoter you are and the type of shows you normally throw. None of them are our scene anyway. You reach farther than london? wow, barrie must be fun.

    I strongly encourage you to say everything you could say about what I don’t get. I’m sure there are a number of things seeing as I am human. I’m sure there a tons of things you don’t get either. That’s why these comments are made available. If you want to have a discussion with me please do! I am just happy to see people reading this no matter if it’s negative or positive. This is something I do purely for creative output and a weird need I have to write. It’s for my sanity and personal well-being. So please write back and open a discussion. Better yet… actually read the review and lets talk about that!

  12. Eedy Says:

    Dude I read the review, in its entirity once it was posted. I have nothing to say because a review is a review.. whether good or bad. You dont like the record, thats fine. Your opinion and I am not going to dispuite it.. however, it doesnt even seem as though you listened to the entire record, or even songs all the way through – thats my opinion. You are comparing this band to bands that sound nothing like them, labelling them as something they are not, nor do they claim to be.. The review was never the problem, it was the comments leading up to it, and the discussion afterwards that sparked my interest.

    What is ‘my’ scene by the way? Clearly you have a wrong impression of it, considering everything you are saying. Take a look at the shows I’ve done, and bands I’ve worked with.. clearly not all of them are ‘hardcore/emo/cookie cutter bands’..

    As far as burning my bridge long ago, and avoiding promoters like me.. i dont really follow. Avoid promoters who actually promote shows, work hard, and bring shows to town.. be it metal, hip hop, indie rock, alt rock, what have you? Yes, I do a lot of ‘scene’ bands.. because well, thats what kids want to see and hear. It costs money to run shows.

    And its funny you speak on behalf of the band. When this is clearly seperate then yage.

    As far as reaching Barrie.. smooth attempt at a ‘burn’, but thats not what I was saying. Im far more woven into this industry then just running shows in London, or running shows for that matter. Be that as it may, this conversation is over and not worth my time.

    Best of luck with your endeavors

  13. indiescene Says:

    Your scene is exactly what you said. Whatever kids are going to see at that moment. And right now it’s lame cookie-cutter hardcore. which is all that Paul guy was reffering to with the “hair-flipping” thing. I just thought it was a funny metaphor. I’m not blaming you I just think it’s bad for the growth of a good artistic music scene. I know you’re not thinking about it artistically because how could you from your perspective. You need to make a living so you give the high-school kids what they want. And thats great… I’m just not down with that. I’m looking at it from an artists point of view and not a business point of view.

    You do work harder than most promoters… and I have respect for that. Most promoters don’t promote in any way. But most promoters also show up to the shows they book. and yes all of what I’m saying about our band is from me. No one has any input as to what I write on here but I know most would agree with my opinions.

    I did listen to the record. I listened to it twice while playing xbox to get a feel and then twice all the way through just sitting in front of my mixing speakers making notes. I then listened to it a couple more times as I wrote the article. I don’t really recall directly comparing them to any bands. I compared some of the writing tools they use and some of their specific riffs to bands that do that better or incorporate those ideas more artistically into their music. I’m not sure what else you would want in the article to prove that I listened to it. I wrote about almost every song in detail.

    I think people get the wrong idea with this and a couple other reviews. It’s not that I really hate the band or what they do. I just look at it in comparison to the top notch bands in the genre or in music in general. Of course Baptized is tight and for a recently new band they kill it live and I said that. But when you hold them up to the leaders and really listen to the structure and lyrics and vibe in general they don’t really compare. The same can be said about our first album. I like and I’m proud of it but when you hold it up against an Isis record or an explosions in the sky record we’re just not there. And we’ll all be the first to admit that. That’s why we’ve got bad reviews too.

  14. isthisforreal Says:

    I can’t believe you are talking about how generic a band is and then there is yours…… come on man what makes you so different ? Just because you went to Fanshawe and took MIA doesn’t make you a professional or even an expert on music…..from what I have seen come out of that place I would say only about 5% of the grads “know” what they are doing and they still aren’t experts by any means. Plus it doesn’t even sound like you are into metal so how would you know what makes a really great metal song ? seriously man get over yourself.

  15. indiescene Says:

    Hello isthisforreal…

    I couldn’t agree more about MIA. Most people don’t really know what they are talking about. I never claimed that it made me an expert. In fact I never claimed to be an expert at all. I’m not even sure how you know that I even took MIA seeing as it’s not listed anywhere on my blog.

    I feel I have a good understanding about metal because it’s what I do and it’s what I know. I spend my days listening to mostly metal and writing music for my band and my side project (which is extremely silly and over the top math type stuff if you were wondering). I make an effort to listen to at least 3 or 4 albums a week that I have never heard before, half of which being classified as “metal”. And as far as not being “into” metal…. dear god dude. I have over 8 DAYS of metal in my itunes… DAYS. and thats just my metal playlist that doesn’t include all the other various genres that could be considered metal. If you think that Baptized stands up to the best in metal bands I’m afraid it’s YOU who appears to not be into metal and has a lack of knowledge. Call me a nerd… call me a loser… but most of my day is spent listening to, thinking about, or writing about metal. So don’t say things about my personality when you clearly have no clue what I’m about or what I’m into.

    As far as your shot at the band I’m in… you’re opinion is yours and I fully respect it. If you don’t dig us that’s fine. But I hope you listened to the entire record in depth before you say things about it, like I do at least 3 or 4 times with every record I talk about. I don’t want to compare us to Baptized because we are completely different genre’s, scenes, sound, and markets. But… I’m not trying to say that the band I am in is ultra unique and completely original. Yeah we have some pretty generic parts… especially on our first album. We pretty much all agree with you about the first song…. which was written almost 4 full years ago. But we make an effort to incorporate as many influences as possible and do something outside the mainstream. Which is sooooo much more than Baptized can say. and if you look at what’s out there, what’s popular, and what most young bands are doing… this stuff is about as generic as it gets. There is a reason that we get older, more sophisticated, artistic people at our shows in comparison to Baptized who get mostly kids who (even compared to those retarded MIA grads) don’t know a pussy from an asshole when it comes to metal.

    Like I said in previous comments and in the review itself… for being an unsigned band releasing their first album they hold it down. Especially live, I can not knock their tightness and the fact that they get into the shows and clearly love their music. But if you can honestly tell me that they come close to comparing to the top bands in metal… you are fucking delusional.

  16. Jordan Says:

    Baptized in Blood is a Canadian band that’s shaking up a scene. There isn’t another band at this level who has released an independent full length of this calibre. You don’t have to take my word for it. You can look at the facts; in mere months the band has been featured on soundtracks, toured the country playing to packed houses, earned endorsements from quality brands oh and had more attention from a major label than any band peddling their first album. There is nothing generic about this band, they struck out and went against the characteristics of a scene. I’d also like to know what you think is “marketable” about this band. Have you actually listened to the lyrics and looked at the image? If we’re talking mainstream market, the band has a lot to work against. Luckily the music is making people stand up and notice. They don’t need to fix contests.
    Peace dude

  17. kevin speake Says:

    Your spelling and grammar are horrible!

  18. Adam Says:

    Ha! so i’ve read this so called “music fans” review. Sat for a moment, and continued to read the comments following.

    After going to shows for the last 15 years of my life in London and yes, seeing the decline in the “music scene” I have seen great bands. Trouble is you keep coming back to the scene…”man the London music scene is non existent”. So you bring that into a review of an album? So you bring in the promoter in a review? For someone who is so self righteous to put down 5 dudes that have sweat blood to get this album out and played shitty shows and finally gotten respect over the past 4 years you really need to check your facts. I doubt these guys are attempting to be in rollingstone magazine for the best album of all time. But if you know anything about what they are trying to do its that everynight they go out and will shred your face and make you feel good.

    This is party music man. Not some 3 chord, soul searching Bob Dylan album (btw don’t review a metal album and then follow it by posting your recently listened to album is Bob Dylan and that you like the jays, diversity is one thing but it proves you don’t know shit about what your taking about) this is the kind of music that people that work 7 days in a row want to pay $7 to go to a show and just relax and enjoy some sweet fucking tunes. I’m sorry you can’t get that. I really am. It’s pretty sad, instead you can sit and listen to your vinyl albums and sit on your high horse.

    I will not even give your myspace a listen at all, completely out of disrespect, but I can gaurantee you can’t play ANYTHING like these guys. Perhaps jealousy that these London boys are getting more attention and promotion and just basic talent then you? Maybe the reason Eedy didn’t push your band more is cause you suck, I dont’ know. But get your head out of your ass and stop nit picking on straight up fun rock tunes man.

    But at the end of the day its not your fault your like this, you went to MIA. your immediately an elitist, which again, is so so sad.

    Stick to indie rock man, more then 4 chords confuses you.

  19. Craig Says:

    The sex was so good your girlfriends neighbours were smoking.

  20. Contra Dick Shun Says:


    1)”I don’t really recall directly comparing them to any bands”

    “just pure stolen southern metal reminding me of bands like “Throwdown”…Alexi Laiho style to the bone. All they need is the synth harmonizing with the guitars and they might have been taken to court by Children Of Bodom’s lawyers.” TO NAME A FEW INSTANCES

    2)”You got me wrong dude… I have no hatred for you personally”

    “I do have a little bit of hatred for the what Brandon Eedy has done to the London music scene and he is their manager”

    3)”I’m not even sure how you know that I even took MIA seeing as it’s not listed anywhere on my blog”

    “Myself and our drummer Mike Marucci ( who, along withe everyone else in our band completed music industry arts program at fanshawe”

    4)”I wrote about almost every song in detail. ” NOPE


  21. Contra Dick Shun Says:


  22. indiescene Says:

    wow… i wonder what prompted all these people to read this post from like 4 months ago.

    Jordon- If you can’t see the fact that all these hardcore bands in Ontario are doing the same thing I feel sorry for you. They are a tight live band but to compare them with the best artists in Canada or anywhere is an outrageous statement for any breakdown band, no matter how catchy some of the pop choruses are.

    Adam – Although I never knocked the strait up guitar skill of either if these guys in fact i have called them tight on many occasions they play nothing that I can’t. I’m not saying I’m amazing and compared to the best I am no where close… just like these boys. I;m sorry you think that this music you have to think about as the outrageously repetitive structure bores me to tears. I am in no way jealous of a band that has no intent to grow a song but rather piece it together like blocks of lego a set. I am glad you haven’t checked our myspace as you probably would not understand what we are trying to accomplish. As for your 4 chord comment… I’m not even going to give you the respect of responding to it as you clearly no absolutely nothing about me or what I stand for which is the complete opposite. I only listen to and can get into the best of the best in every genre and this band, although admittedly tight as fuck live and has some catchy shit, is far from it. And I think to deny that is pure artistic ignorance.

    man this is getting tiring… who’s next.

    Craig – that was so clever i want to shake your hand… btw my girlfriend is so far out of your league it’s just silly.

    Contra Dick Suck – Touche… you’re post admittedly made sense and was the most well thought out comment yet probably. Eedy didn’t stop pushing us… Eedy never pushed us. We played like 2 or 3 shows for him and we got fucked on all 3 even though we were doing him a favour. whatever. I’m done talking about brandon Eedy… all i wanted to do was share that FM96 story and I’m sorry I did now.

    Once again tho… I was a snobby prick long before I went to MIA. That has nothing to do with it. And Once again I completely agree with the sentiment that most MIA grads are snobby and arrogant. Believe me I’ve seen it first hand more than you have. But I’m not trying to hurt anyone I’m just trying to express my somewhat educated opinion about bands that catch my attention for whatever reason.

    oh and btw… we have NO TROUBLE getting shows. And the ones we get aren’t with 5 other teenage hardcore bands that all have the same harmonized taps and half-time breakdowns with scream.

    also… I hope you realize for every one of you that for some reason take personal offense to something a dude writes in his bedroom when he feels like it, there is an equal amount that subscribe or tell me via e-mail or in person things like “Ya baptized is really fucking lame” or “wow you have a lot of retards that comment on your posts.”

    whatever… it comes down to this… structured music is not music i listen to or like almost ever. and it is no different with this band. I’m sorry… I don’t like “party” music. It’s place is at the party… not in my record player.

    and im sure my spelling and grammar are both horrible (kevin) but I just don’t care anymore I don’t want to spend any more of my energy and time talking about this band.

  23. Eedy Says:

    The best part is you continuoulsly refer to them as a breakdown band.. yet… they have one breakdown in one song. hilarious.

    Well dude.. you might be sick of it, but you will be talking about them a whole lot very very soon. Just give it a few weeks and you’ll be back on here bitching to all your friends. You have no idea. I love all these little pot shots as well like, “oh and btw… we have NO TROUBLE getting shows. And the ones we get aren’t with 5 other teenage hardcore bands that all have the same harmonized taps and half-time breakdowns with scream.” – and BIB plays those shows? Right.. last I knew we just finshed a 38 day tour with Fear Before The March of Flames

    As for me fucking you, I dont quite understand that. I gave you a show, sometimes you were paid, other not… because well, money for those shows comes out of the door. and when theres no crowd, theres no money.. thats me fucking you? How were you doing me a favour – by playing a show? Actually thats doing yourselves a favour… learn to not speak for your whole band

  24. indiescene Says:

    like i said… im done about all this drama and bullshit. you wanna talk about the record or any other record I’d be glad to have a conversation with. I don’t care enough about this band to keep putting time into this retarded argument. so let’s talk about music or… just don’t read my blog. it’s that simple.

  25. steve Says:

    So even if I wasnt friends with the guys in this band, I would listen to their songs and still laugh at your review.
    Its true what they say, any press is good press but this is ridiuclous and a completely wuss pc move.
    The dudes in this band are some of the most talented musicians I know. You obviously have no measure for artistic ability. Josh is an unreal musician, and Im pretty sure, doesnt really try too hard when writing these songs. Alex is an incredible drummer! You dont need to play blast beats to be in a metal band, you idiot! Ive never seen a drummer hit as hard as he does and still play that fast.
    I listen to alot of metal and alot of hardcore, and you obviously have no idea about either of these genres. Ive played in alot of bands and toured all over North America in a “hardcore” band. This is NOT hardcore. They are a metal band! Having breakdowns does not mean youre hardcore! Have you heard Pantera?Have you heard Crowbar!? These bands have huge fucking breakdowns and they are the most metal bands ever.
    Yes this band has alot of “generic” sort of parts, but really, I think Meshuggah are the only band that are not generic anymore. Any band Ive ever been in sounds like someone, and any band you will ever be in will sound like someone. Sorry, but the wheel has been invented and not changing anytime soon.
    This band is about partying. This band is about fun! Gutterbound is a fun title! Their influences are supposed to be fun! GUTTERTHRASH ISNT EVEN A REAL FUCKING WORD! Stop taking shit so fucking seriously!Are you going to shit talk Municipal Waste anytime soon too?I dont think so.
    I have been around london music since i was 13 years old. Ive seen some really good bands, and really shitty bands. So maybe instead of shitting on a band that actually works really hard at what they do, you can give a not so shitty opinion and help London back on its feet? Maybe you can stop being so egotistical and so “knowledgeable” and actually try and help London get to where it was 10 years ago.
    You realize metal bands have brutal and gross names right??Uhhh Cannibal Corpse? Have you seen videos of Mayhem before!?They have pigs skulls on stakes on stage!Metal is about vile shit, so get used to it.
    I have no idea what you are even thinking in this review! You obviously have no idea what actual hardcore is. Youre just like every other nujack who thinks metalcore is hardcore. You need to check your history and learn something. hardcore started as PUNKKKKKKKK. Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Black Flag. The lines are Blurred now, but you still cant call this band hardcore, sorry to break it to you.
    YOU are whats wrong with London. Its fucking pc idiots like you who shit talk and never support good bands(or anything), but in reality, you cant do shit with your own musical career.
    Ya, sometimes i disagree with Eedys approach on things, but hes also my friend and has been forever. He does what he can to keep his idea and business going. If you dont agree with it, than there are other people you can book through, other venues you can play and other cities you can fucking go to!Simple! Bands dont come to London because no one goes out anymore. No one gives a fuck!Not because Eedy did something. Bands skip London because of people like you who think they are better than everyone, who wont go see bands for the hell of it. Youd rather be a shit talker behind your screen.
    Youve probably seen this band before, but maybe you were too busy being an asshole to watch them. I suggest going up close next time and actually watch these guys play. They are more tallented than you put them out to be. Even Shags!Bass is so good!so get off your high horse and support London, or dont bother garbage like this.
    Oh, and because you shit talk other bands, no one will care about your band. Word travels fast dude, and if you disrespect one band, then they have no problem telling every promoter that youre an asshole. It happens all the time. So support bands or dont bother playing shows.

  26. indiescene Says:

    Steve –

    “The dudes in this band are some of the most talented musicians I know. You obviously have no measure for artistic ability

    Josh is an unreal musician, and Im pretty sure, doesnt really try too hard when writing these songs. Alex is an incredible drummer! You dont need to play blast beats to be in a metal band, you idiot! Ive never seen a drummer hit as hard as he does and still play that fast.”

    I’m going to stop quoting because everything that i was going to quote is along the same lines. This is also the very last time i am ever going to respond to a comment about this band as i don’t give 2 fucks about them or their fans. To me this is just another review.

    Talk about their talents how great musicians they are as much as you want. I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT THEY DO OUTSIDE OF THIS ALBUM. I am reviewing this one piece of music. If i were to take things into account like how cool they are… or their musical and artistic potential that would be called biased writing. And i take a journalistic approach.

    For those of you fucking morons that still don’t understand what I mean. I don’t give a fuck with the drummer was terry bozzio and the guitar player was paul waggoner… I would still give the same review because I review what I hear… not what they play when they are jamming to themselves, not how hard they hit the drums (btw that is the stupidest most fucking ridiculous comment to make on an album review. Do you not know a fucking thing? hitting hard has absolutely no bearing on an album that has the drum capture compressed to shit and then enhanced with samples…. to bring up something like that is so incredibly ignorant I want to scream.) or how tight they play live. I am review the songs that are on the record only. HOWE FUCKING HARD IS THAT TO UNDERSTAND!!

    Also for the last time… even though I didn’t need to. On many occasions I have given them credit where credit is due. They are TIGHT AS FUCK live. I’ve seen them. Once again… I DONT GIVE TO SHITS ABOUT ANYTHING TO DO OUTSIDE OF THIS ALBUM. This is an album review…. how fucking stupid are you?

    “you cant do shit with your own musical career.” On a the grand scheme of things neither myself or BIB has done “shit” with their musical career. Now I don’t have to or even want to explain myself. But If Baptized ends up doing world tours and makes millions of dollars… it’ll be in a dying genre. Other than 2 or 3 bands can you even remember half of the shitty bands that were around during nu-metal or glam-metal or whatever. The point is… we’re trying to build a style or music that will let us be around for a long. It is futile to even compare our two bands as out scenes are so opposite and they way we are trying to build our fan base and create exposure is completely different. I won’t compare. But we’ve had 1 release per years since being out (around the same time as BIB) and they have 1. And theer 1 are filled with songs that are so structured and formatted I could write and release 2 of them a year easily. Not to mention our 7 song full length is 30 minutes longer than their 10 song “full length” and our 3rd release which should be out by the end of the year is a 4 song EP which is almost as long as thier “full-length” DO YOUR RESEARCH

    Now… Steve… you did mention a couple things that actually have to do with things that I mentioned in the review. I think you are one of two people.

    Lets talk about genre specifics and about hardcore in general as thats the one you brought up. You are absolutely right. If you compare this band to what bands in the 90’s called themselves “harcdore” they don’t completely match up. Thats a good point and one worth mentioning. But if you pay attention to genre specifics as it appears you do to some extent you should also pay attention to the ever evolving paradigms when it comes to genres. Of course this band is not old school type hard core. But you look at what the genre of hardcore has evolved into bands like this fit perfectly into that paradigm. Are they metal… absolutely.

    The first ever artist to be labeled as metal was Jimmy Hendrix… Would you feel bad for me calling Beneath The Massacre metal when you compare them to Hendrix? or Led Zeppelin? or even Iron Maiden or Slayer? Or course not… thats because paradigm shifts happen in music just as often as anything else in life. Also… if you look at the review I mention how it is hard to classify this band or any other band as hardcore as the definition has changed. I mean… look how much the definition of R&B has changed from like 50’s till now… you really think it’s the same?

    Supporting the london scene and how this review does or doesn’t – This is also something i have had to answer a few times and therefore this will be the last time. But it is a good debate. I lived in london for 5 years and it’s very arguable about whether I “supported” it or not. I want to a large # of shows especially when I was in general arts and first year of MIA. But I only went to shows I felt were healthy for building a decent, healthy, long-lasting scene. And believe it or not that doesn’t include seeing bands that play locally 8 times a year belonging to a genre that will die just as quick as Nu-metal. As far as this review goes… well it seems to have pissed off enough people to encourage more people to go to BIB shows. BUT if it somehow convinced everyone in london to stop going to the weekly/monthly local hardcore show. and then somehow that ran every promoter out of town and the scene had to guild from scratch…. i firmly believe that is the best thing for the scene. But when it comes down to it… this review (as expected) will have absolutely no impact on any scene or popularity of any band, venue, or promoter. Based on that sentence alone… it’s time for all BIB fans to grow the fuck up and stop worrying about “some douche’s” review.


  27. Pat Says:

    What do you think of BIB being signed to Roadrunner?

    PS I know this is an old review, but I just stumbled
    upon it.

  28. Pat Says:

    PS, Their newest CD is awesome

  29. indiescene Says:

    Oh Hey Pat!

    Thanks so much for the comment… It’s probably the nicest one i’ve had for the BIB review. I don’t know if you’ve read any of the others.

    I think BIN signing to roadrunner is logical, predictable, and inevitable that they would be sought out by and sign with a label like that. The simple, structured, dumbed down metal is what’s been growing the fastest and they had a really good local following. You combine those two things and the labels are bound to be interested.

    I think it’s going to be great for them in the short term, and I’m really happy for the dudes. Like I’ve said before… I hear they’re insanely cool guys and sincerely love what they do and are passionate about it. I’m sure this is what they want and have been working towards. So good on them. That being said, I think signing to any big label (I know roadrunner technically isn’t major… but it really is cause it’s owned by Universal) is a mistake for long term growth. Although I have no idea what type of contract they signed or if Eedy was smart enough to get them a good deal that won’t ruin the creatively and financially. Which, of course, happens with a very high percentage of introductory deals and young bands.

    Long story short… good for them. I’m sure they’ll be playing MAD SHOWS and meeting some crazy cool people. So right now it seems like a good move.

    New album… i have not heard it yet but it’s going to be the next review so stay tuned homie!

    thanks again for the comment,


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